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The Sand Springs Library exists to provide resources for students and teachers, assist students in developing research skills, and provide recreational reading opportunities for students.  It is a gathering place that promotes knowledge, learning, and a love of reading for all members of the school community.

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March 2, 2018

Dear Sand Springs Students and Parents,

If you are looking for something to distract you from the craziness that is going around, I have just the thing...READING!

While all the libraries are currently closed, there is still a way to check out books, without having to leave the house.  Through the Davis School District, we have access to the Overdrive Online Library.  It is easy to access, using your child's log-in that they use for all school equipment.  Please use the full email address used to sign into the computers at school.

Example: (Students individual user name)

PIN: Students should know their pin.  If not, the child's teacher will have that information.

There is also the Sora app that can be downloaded to any device you have at home, and it will also give you access to the online library.  The sign in is the same as for overdrive.

One way to get to Overdrive, is the Sand Springs home page.  On the left hand side of the schools home page, is a link to the library.  Click library, and it will take you to the library home page.  Click on catalogs where you will find the links to Overdrive and Sora.  Sign in just as students do when signing in to school devices.  From there, you can access ebooks, audio books, and read-a-longs.  Take a minute to look through the site, and then start checking out and reading.

Or you can use the following link:    It will ask which library you want, and you will look for the Sand Springs Library.  From there, you will go through the sign in process as outlined above.

The Davis County library also uses Overdrive, but the sign-in is different.  You will need to use your library card that the county provides to gain access to their library, which contains a much wider variety of books.  Either way, give it a try.   

 If you would like book recommendations or suggestions, or if you have suggestions for books that you believe we should have in our library, please send me an email.  During this down time, I will be finishing up ordering books for this school year, and begin orders for the next year.

 Happy Reading!

Nancy Peterson