Michelle Brady

Michelle Brady


Library Hours: 8:30 - 3:45

School Library Mission Statement

The Sand Springs Library exists to provide resources for students and teachers, assist students in developing research skills, and provide recreational reading opportunities for students.  It is a gathering place that promotes knowledge, learning, and a love of reading for all members of the school community.

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Join our Davis community by reading on Read Across Davis day
March 2, 2018

Parental Restriction of Individual Student Access

The librarian and the School Committee strive to have a library collection that all students and parents consider appropriate. Nevertheless, the District recognizes the right of parents under state law and District Policy 11IR-107 Recognizing Constitutional Freedoms in Public Schools, to restrict their child’s access to materials the parent deems inappropriate. However, parents do not have the right to make that determination on behalf of other parents and students.

A parent desiring to restrict their own child’s access to specific library materials shall submit the request in writing (or via email) to the Librarian at the school their child is currently attending. If the material is a required part of classroom curriculum activities, the parent must follow the procedures for waiver contained in 11IR-107 Section 14.

4I-202 School Library Media Centers (Section 3.2)

Welcome to the Sand Spring Elementary Library. Your children will visit the library once a week for stories, lessons and book selection. Their teacher can let you know when library class is scheduled. The borrowing policy is as follows:

Borrowing limits:

  • Kindergarten = 1 book
  • 1-3 Grade = 2-3 books
  • 4-6 Grade = 3-4 books

Books are checked out for a 2-week period. They may be renewed if there is not a waiting list. In addition to their assigned class library time, children may exchange their books most mornings before school and for 20 minutes after school.  There are no fines for late books, but if books are overdue for an extended period, borrowing privileges may be suspended. Books that are lost or damaged must be paid for. We generally don’t allow parents to replace books themselves because we pay extra for library binding so that the books are extra durable to get maximum usage.

Please encourage your children to take responsibility for their library books.

  • Help them remember their library day.
  • Set aside a specific place in your home for school library books so you don’t misplace them.
  • If the book is damaged, please don’t try to repair it yourself. Have your child show me the damage so I can attempt to fix it using special library mending supplies.
  •  Encourage your children to come to me with any questions regarding their books. We can solve almost any problem if it is brought to my attention.
  • Most of all, enjoy the books together!

"For who are we all, if not the product of who we love, what we know,

and every wonderful word that we have read?"

---Jennifer A. Nielsen, Words on Fire