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MESA: Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement

MESA provides students with the essential skills and resources to achieve success in school, career, life and STEM-related disciplines. MESA welcomes all students and actively recruits ethnic minorities and females as they are often underrepresented in STEM fields such as computer science and engineering.  MESA mobilizes and aligns the resources of diverse educational institutions, industry and other partners to create and implement an integrated program that maximizes impact and outcomes.

Session 2: EiE - Recycled Racers

Session 2 FLYER


Time & Place

3:40- 4:45 pm Green Neighborhood. 

For safety reasons, students will not be allowed to walk home alone from classes. Arrangements need to be made for students to be picked up from school after each meeting. 


Tuesday, October 29th

Tuesday, November 5th

Thursday, November 7th

Tuesday, November 12th

Thursday, November 14th

Tuesday, November 19th  

Thurday, November 21st (if needed)




Lego League & Mindstorms

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Information for Mindstorms/FLL (Lego League) Sand Springs Team

For Fifth and Sixth Graders.

We are forming Mindstorms and FLL teams here at Sand Springs Elementary this year. We will accept approximately 48 students who are interested in forming teams of 3-4 students. We will do a school competition that all will be able to participate in. FLL teams will be instructed by three teachers from Sand Springs Elementary:  Melissa Skousen, Lisa Bodily, and Terra Moss, as well as a few adult volunteers that have helped in the past: Lincoln LeSueur, and Heather Purser

What is FLL? This is a program that is designed to expose students to science and technology, particularly robotics, engineering, technology, coding, and math. We will be using Legos to construct robots and will use a coding software to program these robots to perform certain tasks. A school-wide competition will take place in February. As of now, we can accept 48 students for this program. Interested students should provide a written paragraph about why they would like to participate on a Lego League team. The teachers will be working together to evaluate these paragraphs and select the teams.

The cost per student will be $35.00, payable to Sand Springs. These funds will be used for the robots, competition, and other related expenses. Interested students should have their parents sign the permission slip and should NOT bring the $35.00 participation fee until they have been selected for a team. Permission slips are due by December 10th and an email will be sent out by December 30th to notify applicants if they have been accepted or not.

What is Mind Storms? This is a competition for 5th and 6th graders. The 5th grade group is called “Amazing” and students will learn how to program a robot to drive through a maze. The 6th grade group is called “Sumo” and students will learn how to stay on a circular platform while attempting to pushing their opponent’s robot off it. One advantage of this competition is that there will be one robot for every two students, which allows students to be more directly involved with the robot and programing. The competition is held at Lagoon in May. Students will be selected from the FLL participants and will be chosen based on the following criteria: teamwork, programing proficiency, and attendance at all necessary meetings. If a student has an EV3 robot with all of the educational kit and parts, they will automatically be on a team as this will increase the number of participants. As of now, 32 students will be able to participate.

The cost per student will be $35.00 (payable to Sand Springs) for the robots, competition, and other related expenses. This will not be paid until students have been chosen for the Mind Storms Team. This will be a second section and is separate from FLL. Those chosen to participate will be notified by email.





Sand Spring Singers

Elementary Choir for 4-6 Grades

Monday & Wednesday 7:50 am to 8:25 am

Starting Monday – September 9 @ 7:50 am

Winter Performance Fee: $35

Parent/Family Performance – Monday, Dec. 9, at Sand Springs Elementary; call time 5:30 pm, performance 6 pm 
In-School Performance – Friday, Dec. 13, 9 am; call time is 8:00 am 
Community Performance – Tuesday Dec. 10, at Chancellor Garden’s Assisted Living Center; call time        6 pm, performance 6:30: limited seating, please try to car pool. We will also be caroling to the residents down the halls. Later on I will be ooking for donations of oranges to share with the residents. Choir tradition for me!

Application Form




VEX-IQ Challenge Squared Away 

VEXIQ Picture

Applications are now available for the 2019-2020 VEX Robotics Team.

Students in the 5th and 6th grade are welcome to apply.

There will be a session for 4th grade students Spring 2020.

Applications and information are in the front office, Mr. Hall's room or by clicking here.

Join us for an exciting year!

Mr. Hall ghall@dsdmail.net


6th Grade Parents

This year your student has the opportunity to learn a string instrument in the Davis School District 6th Grade Orchestra. This is a wonderful opportunity to try something fun and rewarding.

Here are a few bullet points of information about the program:

  • It is free- there are no registration fees
  • Instruments will need to be provided by each participant
  • Don’t go online and get the best deal for an instrument. At the parent night I will go over instrument do’s and don’ts
  • There is a Parent Night September 17, 6 PM at Legacy Jr. High
  • Classes start September 24. We meet twice a week. Please refer to the last page of the flyer for your school’s days and times.

Orchestra Program